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Why Us?

What separates Mohr's Explorers from other after-school programs? We are extremely conscious of maintaining an environment where kids are encouraged to simply be kids. We believe it is remarkably effective and important to set aside free time for unstructured play. Sports programs may be among the more popular after-school offerings, however, not every child is athletic and many kids disengage themselves. Mohr's Explorers is an exceptional option for allowing children to discover further interests, meet new people and enjoy the environment in which they live.

Excerpted from "The American Athlete, Age 10," by Alexander Wolff,
Sports Illustrated, October 6, 2003:

"A 1991 study by the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports (YSI) reached the
astonishing conclusion that the No. 1 reason 10-year-olds play sports is to have
fun. Yet what's revealing is the reasons kids were less likely to cite.
'For the challenge of competition' and 'for the excitement of competition'
placed eighth and 10th, respectively, behind such motivations as 'to do something
I'm good at,' 'to get exercise,' 'to learn new skills'
and 'to play as part of a team.'
(YSI hasn't updated the study, partly because it believes if one were done today,
it would produce similar results.)"

"...that YSI survey asked kids who abandoned sports at 10 what might lure them back.
The top three answers were: 'If practices were more fun,'
'If I could play more'
and 'if coaches understood players better.'"

All enrolled children participate equally in Mohr's Explorers and everyone enjoys the activities we present because we make it a priority. Throughout it all, we offer expanded learning opportunities, tapping into a different way of learning that children can bring back to the classroom and we make every effort to become a positive extension of their day. Possibly most important, all participants are getting some exercise, even if they do not realize it! Each of these elements makes for an unparalleled program - everything we do is set up to give kids a chance to experience success while learning and having fun in the process.


"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. When you have fun, you can do amazing things."