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Thank you for all of your support and interest in our program! Each of our winter groups have kicked off, are set for the season and we are unable to accept drop-ins. However, we will be offering a separate spring session and the best way to find out when registration opens each season is through our e-mail list, which you can sign up for via the link a few paragraphs down.

We are often asked if we go outdoors in the winter. Of course we do!
In fact, this will be the 18th winter in which we have been taking groups of kids into the park and all have not only survived, but thrived!

So with that, we are excited to announce that registration is open for our Outdoor Program in Central Park and the South Mountain Reservation this winter!

South Orange/Maplewood families! Please go here: SOMa Explorers

We realize it is up to every family to decide their comfort level, but after a very successful fall, we will continue taking the necessary steps to help ensure the safety of the kids in our program and the fact that we will be outdoors, and not in confined indoor space, is a much safer option. For more details on how we're handling things, please download the full details of our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

The potential for snow equals a memorable season for our weekly Central Park EDventures! Winter is our favorite of them all as possibilities can include sledding, snow sculptures, an Explorers-only style of "fishing" (conditions permitting) and an original variety of awesome outdoor games & activities. This exhilarating, FUN outdoor program builds confidence, while encouraging teamwork, creativity and open-ended education.

The possibilities? Endless. The experiences? Memorable.
The FUN? Guaranteed!!!

We will be outdoors; please be prepared for all types of weather.

If you did not receive the registration e-mail, you can access it below. Moving forward, the best way to find out when registration opens each season is to sign up for our e-mail list, which you can also access below.

Winter Registration e-mail  |  Mohr's Explorers e-mail list


  • For many of you, registration used to go through your school, but this school year, everything goes directly through us and it will be a drop-off program only, at Central Park. Groups will be available Mondays-Fridays, starting January 4 and running through March 19. Registration will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. No daily drop-ins will be permitted; participants must enroll for the full season.
  • Enrollment will be limited, the groups will be small and we are unable to provide any financial aid or sibling discounts. At most, we anticipate 9 kids per group with the same instructor each week. In exercising an abundance of caution, we have kept our groups well under the New York State requirement of 15 kids for outdoor programs.
  • There will be two available program options each day, depending on enrollment: 1:15 to 3:00 p.m. and 3:30 to 5:15 p.m. Because enrollment will be limited, each child can choose one session per week, per season.
  • Any day in which we end up with more than one group, each will meet at different designated areas of Central Park. We cannot guarantee these locations, but when registering, please indicate whether you prefer to drop off at the Park at East 79th, West 81st, West 93rd or West 108th Streets. We will assign kids as best we can in the order that requests are received, but please note that there may not be enough demand for each time frame or location each of the offered days. If you sign up with friends, siblings, etc., we will attempt to place in them in the same group, by request.
  • Our program has always been for boys and girls, ages 5-12. However, younger children may have a harder time with the social distancing requirements, so please keep that in mind. We cannot accept anyone younger than 5.
  • There will be a health screening assessment each day at check-in, including temperature checks.
  • There will be no shared equipment and no activities with any contact.
  • We will practice social distancing throughout the day. We have plenty of fun activities that we can do with them in this manner and kids can easily still have the social experiences they have been lacking from a safe distance.
  • Participants need to bring their own face covering and must wear it whenever we cannot maintain at least 6 feet from others.
  • When necessary, all instructors have plenty of hand sanitizer on hand for when handwashing is not available/practical.
  • We will not be providing any food and we ask that you please do not send any. Depending on the time frame you choose, please make sure your child has eaten lunch or a snack prior to arrival. The only thing you need to pack is a water bottle, as we will not be using the park's water fountains.

  • To pre-register, just e-mail Mike to save your spot. After that, please fill out our online Registration Form (link below) and submit payment to secure your child's enrollment.
    Current enrollees do NOT need to fill out another form.
  • Please include your child's full name and age and indicate your preferred day of the week, time frame and location, as well as at least one back-up option for each. This is extremely important as we cannot guarantee that each group will run.
  • The cost will vary depending on the day of the week, but it is $45/child/session and there will be either 9 or 10 sessions this winter, depending on the day. We do not accept credit cards, but details for electronic payments will be included in your confirmation e-mail, as well as the cost, depending on which day you choose. Those who wish to pay by check, please make them payable to Mohr's Explorers, LLC.
  • Registration is not official until the form and full payment are received. Please note that only new enrollees need to submit the form, which is good for the entire school year.
Registration Form

If you have any questions, or if you wish to enroll your child, please e-mail Mike.

We provide continuously updated and original activities throughout each session and season. On any given day, we will be able to hike 1-2 miles, within the areas of Central Park nearest to your child's school or Open Group meeting spot. This affords ample opportunities to...

  • discover interesting rocks, bridges, water bodies, wooded areas, fields and even waterfalls!
  • learn about areas of the park they never knew existed.
  • uncover park secrets - often things that many New Yorkers do not even know.
  • spot statues like Still Hunt and structures such as the Bow Bridge.
  • study a few edible plants.
  • memorize various types of birds and trees.

Explorers are expected to arrive with a positive attitude, a desire to have fun and be ready to adjust to new settings and situations. Full participation is encouraged and we will provide a safe emotional and physical climate so that it feels OK to try new things. However, we will never ask anyone to do anything that he or she is uncomfortable doing. In addition;

  • Children are continuously supervised.
  • The staff-to-child ratio is 1-to-9.
  • We teach Leave No Trace, which promotes responsible outdoor recreation. We are conscientious to at least leave the park the way we find it, minimize our impact, respect all wildlife and be considerate of other visitors in the park.
  • All group leaders are trained in First Aid & CPR and carry a First Aid Kit at all times.
  • Pick-up and drop-off points are at the Explorers' respective schools for most groups, unless prior arrangements are made. For some groups, it will be at a pre-designated corner near the park.

And yes, we definitely go out in the winter! For 20+ winters, Mike has been taking groups of kids this age into the park -- as long as everyone properly prepares for the weather and bundles up on cold days, the elements are rarely an issue. We enthusiastically take what Mother Nature bestows and plan snow activities whenever possible. If you are not sure what to wear during the after-school program or if you want a refresher on our rules, just click the links below! Those concerned about it getting darker earlier at this time of the year, it's really only our last few sessions in December and our first few in January and then we already have more daylight again. We are usually making our way back when it starts getting dark anyway.

explorer rules   |   recommended clothing

As with anything, please e-mail Mike with any questions, comments or concerns.

cancellation policy

Enrollment fees are fully refundable until the first session.  75% will be refunded until the second session and 50% will be refunded until the third.  Fees are non-refundable after the third session, regardless of the reason for withdrawal. In order to ensure quality staff each week, the cost is the same, regardless of how many sessions your child ends up attending. There are no daily drop-ins, no refunds or credits will be issued for absences or dismissal and we cannot offer any make-up sessions. We also will not cancel sessions because of weather. Except in extreme cases, there is always a back-up plan, even if school is cancelled. Just e-mail Mike to find out what we are doing! (For the record, this is against policy at some of our schools, so we are bound to that in those instances).


"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. When you have fun, you can do amazing things."