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Mohr's Explorers runs after-school, outdoor adventure programs for New York City children.

We utilize various confidence-building games and activities containing elements of hiking, climbing, fishing, orienteering, fort building, bird identification, basic wilderness survival and so on.

In addition, Mohr's Explorers will...

  • supply children with a FUN, safe, energetic outdoor environment.
  • capitalize on a child's natural desire to explore and create, while allowing for open-ended education and discovery.
  • teach that the power of observation is one of nature's most useful tools for learning.
  • instill an appreciation for nature and the environment.
  • reawaken imaginations and any lost sense of spontaneity.

"When children can learn and enjoy themselves, we believe great things will happen."

  • Under the guidance of positive adult role models, children are given a chance to discover their own abilities, which stimulates self-esteem and character.
  • We bring a small town sensibility and approach to everything we do and instill a childlike sense of wonder to help identify the potential of any outdoor setting.
  • Children will have FUN, learn for themselves, start to see a progression of skill development and build a base that they'll carry with them their whole lives.

Instead of turning to the television, video game monitor or computer, the ultimate goal of the program is for children to beg their parents to take them to Central Park so they can share their latest knowledge learned at Mohr's Explorers.


"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. When you have fun, you can do amazing things."